Meet Kyle Peterson

July 18, 2018

FEATURED EMPLOYEE: Kyle Peterson – Landscape Architect & modern outdoorsman with social responsibility at his core

Growing up in a family of creative and talented people, Kyle Peterson learned at an early age how to forge his own path.

“I was really lucky to be introduced to various creative fields by people that were skilled at their crafts,” said Kyle. “My grandpa was an architect and a wonderful artist, I loved visiting his studio. My dad is a product designer and industrial engineer. My mom is a retired elementary school teacher and very creative. Thanks to their influences I knew very early on that I was interested in landscape architecture.”

During his childhood in Mt. Prospect, Illinois, Kyle’s mom would often take him to downtown Chicago and quiz him on the buildings, plants, and streetscapes. Alternatively, his dad took him camping, fishing, hiking, boating, skiing and snowboarding. Both parents were instrumental in instilling a love of nature and design in their son in their own way.

“I’ve always had strong interests in science, the environment, drawing, and creativity problem solving—which makes a career in landscape architecture the perfect fit,” Kyle said. “Plus, how cool is it to be a landscape architect within in engineering company?!”

Conversely, V3 Companies is fortunate to have people like Kyle on the team. His talents and enthusiasm for social responsibility is contagious.

“I design every project with what I call the “Three P’s” in mind: People, Profit, and Planet,” said Kyle. “I give a lot of thought to how the work I’m doing will be used. How will it improve users’ lives? How will they experience it? What does it do for local habitats and ecosystems and what environmental relationships are at play? It’s fun for me to plan spaces for people to enjoy.”

That thoughtful approach is partially informed by Kyle’s upbringing, no doubt, but also from other life experiences he collected along the way.

“I spent one summer in college backpacking through Alaska with a program through Ball State University,” said Kyle. “The wildlife was incredible. We traveled through Fairbanks, Seward, Anchorage, Talkeetna, Denali National Park, Prince William Sound, and so much more.”

“We were tasked with conducting a field study looking at man’s influence on the environment. That meant interviewing people from a variety of government agencies and exploring national parks, glacial landforms, and other significant archeological sites. We learned about people’s jobs, stances on key issues, and how we are influencing the environment.”

These days you can find Kyle dedicating time to fostering dogs with his equally golden-hearted girlfriend, outside riding his bike, camping, running, and going on adventures with his beloved sidekick, Oliver.

“I adopted Oliver as a puppy from the local Humane Society,” said Kyle. “He was the size of a guinea pig at the time. Now he’s an active, healthy, super-smart 65 lb. boxer/lab mix.”

Outdoor adventures are surely now even sweeter with man’s best friend by his side.