Meet Michael Held

August 1, 2019

FEATURED EMPLOYEE: Meet Michael Held: Business Analyst, Magnanimous Computer Wiz

At the time of our interview, Michael Held had worked at V3 Companies for 4,448 days, or 146 months, or about 12 years. But who’s counting?

Well, actually, he is. As V3’s resident Business Analyst, people often come to Michael for answers to all sorts of data-related questions. He admits he enjoys when people ask him to analyze something for business purposes and has a knack for transforming data into useable information.

“Business Analysts have to know both applications and business processes – the software and the processes software supports,” said Michael. “My job runs the gamut, but mostly I deal with the unexpected.”

He does more than deal with the unexpected, he thrives on solving problems and helping others. A true empath with wide range of technical expertise, Michael is one of those rare breeds that is as gifted with people as they are with computers.

“I suppose part of my job might be considered counseling,” Michael admitted. “I think anxiety can often get in the way of learning. I take pride in helping people figure out how to do things on the computer. In my job, I have to bring my empathy into play, especially in group settings where people are bringing different ideas to the table.”

Outside of the office, Michael’s softer side is also apparent when it comes to his three-year-old, 25 lb. Chihuahua/Terrier mix puppy, named Polly.

“I adopted Polly a year and a half ago as a rescue from PAWS in Chicago,” said Michael. “I leave the office every day at 11:00 am so I can walk her during my lunch break. We often take long walks together to places like Oak Street Beach and run on the sand. We do lots of things together in the neighborhood!”

When he’s not exploring the city with Polly, you might find Michael with a book in his hand.


“I’ve always liked to read – anything from science fiction to Jack Reacher novels to comic books. I also read a lot of history, mostly about WWII and the aftermath, and think we have a lot to learn from the past.”

“My dad was a paratrooper and part of the occupation forces in Japan during WWII. His time in the military is something we’ve talked about a lot and bonded over. It’s important to me that our vets are treated with the respect they deserve when they came home.”

Purpose-driven people like Michael are not content simply talking about changes needed in the world. True to his big-hearted nature, he has found ways to give back on a meaningful, local level and has even created opportunities for his V3 colleagues to join him.

“At the Chicago office we try to do a few things together as a team to give back to the community,” said Michael. “For example, I started ‘Operation Help A Hero’ at the office, which is a program that provides essentials for homeless veterans transitioning into housing. We also recently did a book drive for the military. I’m most interested in finding ways to help locally; anything we can do for our vets is important.”