The 2011 Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys update 2005 regulations.  The changes result in a complete reformatting and reorganization of the Standards.

Some of the most common requests from the 2005 Table A now are part of the 2011 Minimum Standards.  Those Minimum Standards from the 2005 version that were rarely observed have become a new 2011 Table A item or have been removed completely from the Standards. There are now 22 Table A options vs. 19 in the 2005 version.

Additional Responsibilities of the Client or Insurer

The following rules shift the responsibility for certain actions or information to the client requesting the ALTA survey or the party insuring the survey:

  1. Client bears final responsibility for securing permission for the surveyor to enter upon adjoining properties and offsite easements.  Previously, this had been the surveyor’s responsibility.
  2. Additional responsibility is placed on the client to provide to the surveyor additional records.  For example, these include the most recent title commitment, current record descriptions of adjoiners, and documents necessary to ascertain, if possible, the junior/senior relationship in regards to gaps and overlaps.
  3. The title company must supply zoning classification to the surveyor if Table A, Item 6 is selected.

New Minimum Standards

The following standards have been upgraded from being optional Table A disclosures to Minimum Standards:

  1. Evidence of access to public ways such as curb cuts and driveways,
  2. Evidence of access to and from waters adjoining the surveyed property.
  3. A Vicinity Map that indicates the property’s location in the surrounding area.

Table A Changes

The first two items below have been moved from being Minimum Standards to Table A items, the third has been deleted, and the last four items are new Table A disclosures:

  1. New Item – Wetlands located on the property.
  2. New Item – Location of improvements within off-site easements.
  3. New Item – Referencing/Monumenting of all major corners of off-site easements.
  4. New Item – Proof and amount of professional liability insurance for a specified term.
  5. New Item – Address of the property (previously a Minimum Standard).
  6. New Item – Location and plumbness of party walls (previously a Minimum Standard).
  7. Deleted Item – Gross floor area.
  8. Wetlands – new


The ALTA survey shall only bear the new simplified ALTA certification.  This certification may not be altered to accommodate client or lender requests (except as required by some federal, state and local jurisdiction statutes, rules or ordinances).


The new standards also allow for digital copies in addition to – or in lieu of – hard-copy prints.
If you have additional questions regarding any of the changes to the Standards and their impact on you, please contact Chris Bartosz, Director of Survey, at 630.729.6124.