• Geology, Hydrogeology & Geophysics
  • Mine Resource Evaluation, Permitting & Water Handling Consulting
  • Potable, Irrigation & Industrial Water Supply
  • Aquifer Analysis
  • Contamination Assessment, Transport Modeling & Remediation
  • Geomorphology & Hydrology
  • Natural Area Restoration
  • Landslide Investigation
  • Natural Disaster Susceptibility Evaluation
  • Terrain Assessment, Remote Sensing & GIS Analysis
  • Expert Witness Services

V3’s Geoscience group utilizes hydrogeology, geophysics, engineering and hydrochemistry to provide diverse water solutions for our clients.  We consult on ground and surface water supply, integrated water resource management, groundwater protection, mining environmental management and disturbed lands reclamation/restoration. Our role is to provide sustainable and resilient solutions for governments, multi-laterals, international aid agencies and private industry.  We are known for aligning our services with the client’s objectives and with the principles of good stewardship and resource protection.

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When I was in high school and college I loved to go backpacking, and in the middle of beautiful environments I would come across places that had been decimated by strip-mining. I learned that engineers work to reclaim these environments. That’s how I got into engineering. By using risk assessment tools along with remediation methods, I get to help restore impacted sites to productive use for a living.

Elaine Petkovsek, P.E., Project Engineer