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Sustainable Design & Consulting


  • LEED, Living Building, and Living Communities Certification
  • Charrette Facilitation
  • Entitlement & Zoning Consulting
  • Environmental Studies & Assessments
  • Lifecycle Cost Analysis
  • Ecological Treatment Systems
  • Net Zero Water
  • Adaptive Management of Urban Water Resources
    – Integrated Watershed Management Plans
    – Green Infrastructure Planning & Design
    – Stormwater Park Design
    – Integrated Stormwater Streetscape Design
    – Wetlands & Stream Design
    – Green Infrastructure Maintenance Training & Workforce Development
  • Integrated Site Design
  • Brownfield Redevelopment Analysis & Implementation

Whether developing effective, natural techniques to help treat stormwater or wastewater – or even finding sources of water – our engineers, landscape architects, urban planners and scientists have the expertise to get the project done. We are dedicated to the principles of true sustainability utilizing proven techniques for an integrated resource management solution. We create solutions to reduce resource consumption, promote climate resilience, and provide opportunities for social equity value for the local community.

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Neil Myers

Increasing populations around the world have caused unprecedented natural resources demand beyond the carrying capacity of our planet. We all must move past the era of single objective spending and invest in programs and policies with multiple benefits including those for the ecological, social and financial health of our communities. Our sustainable design and consulting services maintain an intense focus on the solutions needed to help us achieve a more balanced use of our finite water resources.

Neil Myers, Vice President