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Illinois Department of Transportation

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2015-2019 IDOT Bridge Inspections

Various Locations

  • V3 Companies completed damage and load rating inspections for approximately 429 structures in IDOT Districts One thru Nine.  Structure types included steel truss bridges, wooden truss bridges, precast prestressed concrete deck beam bridges, steel plate girder bridges, steel rolled beam bridges, concrete T-beam bridges, reinforced concrete slab bridges and reinforced concrete culverts.

  • All inspections were completed using nondestructive testing.  An ultrasound thickness gauge was used on all of the steel members.  Field data and photographs were also very important for documentation of the structure deterioration and damage  Traffic control and special equipment were necessary to complete these inspections.

  • After the inspections were completed a load rating determination was made for each bridge.  This involved an assessment of the condition of the bridge, a recommendation for NBIS Item rating values, and a thorough review of a provided AASHTOWare BrR rating file with corrections and updates as needed.  The final deliverable was a signed and sealed Structure Load Rating Summary (BBS 2795) with a recommendation for posting and/or temporary measures if necessary.

  • To support and expedite the rating process, an access database was created to internally track and monitor the project’s status and spreadsheets were created to manipulate the numbers from the rating software output for inclusion in the supporting documents that are part of the rating deliverables.