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Albany Park Branch Library Environmental Assessment & Remediation

Chicago, Illinois

  • As a prequalified environmental engineer for the Public Building Commission (PBC) of Chicago, V3 has been assisting PBC with several school and library building projects, including the Albany Park Branch Library.
  • Based on a prototype design, a 16,500-square-foot, one story full service branch library replaced the existing Albany Park Branch Library on the same site, along with an adjacent parcel acquired to the west.
  • V3’s Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) identified a portion of the Albany Park Branch Library site as the former location of a gasoline service station.
  • V3’s Phase II ESA (subsurface investigation and sampling) and geophysical investigations identified petroleum product contamination from former service station underground storage tanks, fuel dispensing islands and service bay hydraulic lifts.
  • In addition, the subsurface investigation identified several heavy metals that exceeded cleanup standards, including lead present at Resource Conservation and Recovery Act hazardous characteristic concentrations.
  • V3’s remediation design included limited soil removal, and in-situ treatment and stabilization of hazardous lead to minimize hazardous waste haul-off.
  • The hazardous lead treatment included in-situ soil (backhoe) mixing with a treatment reagent (Free Flow 200®) to permanently stabilize the lead to non-hazardous characteristics, limiting haul off and disposal as special non-hazardous waste, providing PBC with a significant cost reduction for soil disposal and remediation.
  • V3 provided remediation and construction oversight to verify and ensure effective implementation of the lead treatment, soil haul off and disposal and overall remediation and soil management plans.
  • V3 also provided the necessary IEPA negotiations and reporting required for processing the site through the Illinois Site Remediation Program and obtaining a No Further Remediation (NFR) letter appropriate for the site’s reuse.