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Wetlands & Ecology

Arbor Trails Wetland Mitigation

Lisle, Illinois

  • This project included the construction of 2.39 acres of wetland credits as offsite mitigation at 8.0 acres of the Lisle Park District Community Park for a single-family residential home development.

  • The mitigation plan included 2.06 acres of wetland re-established,1.33 acres of wetland enhancement and 2.6 acres of woodland and savanna restoration as wetland buffer.

  • Soil excavation and grading was completed to provide the required hydrology while removing topsoil compromised with buckthorn and honeysuckle seedbank was also completed.

  • Placement and grading of topsoil free from invasive seedbank was critical to provide best chance of success for new species provided through seeding and plug installations.

  • 17,000 native plugs were installed including 14 wet prairie and sedge meadow species.

  • Savanna/woodland seeding was installed throughout the area.