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Baltimore Sanitary Sewer Inflow & Infiltration Study

Baltimore, Ohio

  • V3 conducted a sanitary sewer inflow and infiltration study as part of a phased-in implementation process to eliminate sanitary sewer overflow events from the system. The work was performed in conjunction with a schedule of compliance issued by Ohio’s regulatory agency.

  • V3’s scope of services included converting the Village’s sanitary sewer mapping to GIS format, updating the map, defining tributary areas within the sanitary collection system, analyzing flow data from the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and collection system lift stations to quantify base flows and wet weather induced flows as well as identify what factors contribute to the activation of the flow equalization overflow at the WWTP.

  • Based on the evaluation of the collected data, V3 prepared a report that summarized the findings, identified problem areas as well as proposed repairs to the collection system including recommendations for elimination of private sources of infiltration/inflow (such as leaking sanitary sewer laterals, storm water sump pumps, foundation and/or roof drains, etc.).

  • Our team also provided cost estimates for the proposed repairs, identified hydraulic deficiencies, provided a schedule of short term/long term improvements and prioritized the improvements.

  • The report was submitted to Ohio EPA for endorsement.