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Village of Orland Park

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Basin Best Practices Assessment & Restoration Program

Orland Park, Illinois

  • This project sprung from the Village’s need to identify 24 of its stormwater basins as high priority in terms of their having degraded basin conditions (vegetation, erosion and scour), poor water quality, unappealing appearance, high public use and/or a key location within the Village.

  • V3 identified that ongoing maintenance by Village staff was not slowing the degradation of the basins and recommended implementation of best practices basin maintenance program to reduced operational costs and effectively use limited resources.

  • A plan was created for each of the 24 basins focusing on stewardship of natural areas, expansion of shoreline buffer areas, stabilization and restoration of eroding areas and operational changes that could be implemented by the Village’s public works staff.

  • V3 provided contractor level cost estimates to help the Village prioritize the $500,000 budget allocated for these priority basins.

  • The Village selected V3 to complete design/build restoration of the four highest priority basins.

  • V3 is reshaping pond banks, installing native prairie seed and blanket, planting native plugs, repairing basin outlet functions and providing three years of maintenance on these critical basins.

  • V3 also created a newsletter that was distributed to residents to described the unique stormwater program and educate them on how they can help improve water quality in their neighborhoods.