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City of Indianapolis, Department of Public Works

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Education, Local Government, Transportation


Landscape Architecture, Municipal Consulting, Sustainable Design & Consulting

Butler University Sunset Avenue Gateway

Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Sunset Avenue is the eastern boundary of Butler University’s campus and the primary transportation corridor for vehicular traffic that connects the campus with the surrounding Butler-Tarkington neighborhood.  Under the City of Indianapolis’ RebuildIndy infrastructure program, Sunset Avenue was redesigned using a “complete streets” approach to accommodate pedestrians, bicycles and vehicle traffic.
  • In addition to the multimodal transportation elements, the streetscape design also includes linear rain gardens to manage stormwater within the right-of-way and reduce the volume of stormwater discharged to the combined sewer system and the nearby White River.
  • A new charter bus stop and the associated pedestrian plaza was included for parking and connection to Hinkle Fieldhouse. Porous media and rain gardens were used to manage and infiltrate stormwater from the right-of-way and parking lot.
  • The project also includes the first permeable asphalt bike lanes installed in the City of Indianapolis.
  • The green infrastructure elements are anticipated to reduce runoff by up to 50% compared to existing conditions for a 100-year storm event.