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City of Chicago Department of Environment

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Calumet Area Hydrologic Master Plan

Chicago, Illinois

  • Selected by the City to assist in developing an ecological management strategy for the Calumet Area, V3 evaluated 10 sites in a 3,600-acre study area, assessing hydrology, vegetation, soils and existing land uses and developing a hydrology map.

  • Each site was studied for the potential of improving water and sediment quality, increasing floristic diversity, improving wildlife habitat and providing public recreational and educational opportunities.

  • The Calumet Area contains a unique mix of industrialized land and wetlands, including contaminated waste disposal facilities and rookeries for the Black-Crowned Night Heron, a state-threatened, wetland-dependent bird species.

  • The diversity of land uses and large number of public and private stake holders led the V3 team to work closely with a group of 50 government agencies and the public while preparing the ecological management strategy.

  • Site-specific management plans for each of the 10 sites were formulated, promoting ecological rehabilitation and recreational opportunities.

  • The strategies to implement ecological rehabilitation included installing water control structures, slope contouring, invasive species control, supplemental planting and prescribed burns.

  • The ecological management strategy has served as the guide document for the ecological and recreational improvements throughout the Lake Calumet area and is intended to serve as a model for the larger Calumet Area.