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Jones Lang LaSalle & Elmhurst Chicago Stone

Market Sector

Office & Industrial, Retail


Planning, Site Civil, Surveying, Water Resources

Cantera Development

Warrenville, Illinois

  • This mixed-use, 650-acre development featured multiple land uses, including residential, retail, industrial and office applications with a sizable open-space component.

  • The project involved the reclamation and transformation of an abandoned sand and gravel quarry. The import and placement of approximately one million cubic yards of select fill material was required to reshape and prepare the site for development.

  • Mass grading, land reclamation and major utility and roadway improvements were required for the master development, including more than five miles of roadway and utility improvements to service more than 300 acres of subdivided land within the development.

  • Coordination with design teams was required, including planners, landscape architects, electrical engineers and geotechnical engineers.

  • Prepared a preliminary report for the full development as well as stormwater, wastewater and potable water studies for various stages of the development.

  • A comprehensive master stormwater management plan for the entire development which yields approximately 25 detention facilities, required regular adjustments to accommodate individual site plans.

  • Flood plain and flowage easement modifications along an adjoining river branch also were required.

  • Special features include a 41-acre combined stormwater control facility and wetland mitigation area.