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Church Road Improvements

Aurora, Illinois

  • Phase I preliminary engineering and Phase II design engineering services were provided for the improvement of Church Road from an existing two-lane rural roadway to a three-lane urban facility from the Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88) to Butterfield Road.

  • Improvements included roadway widening and resurfacing, storm sewer drainage, box culvert extensions, lighting, traffic signals, maintenance of traffic and staging, watermains and sidewalks.

  • Because the City desired an 80-foot right-of-way, V3 designed and constructed improvements that fit into existing right-of-way with remaining items to be constructed once right-of-way was acquired.

  • Pedestrian sidewalk and bicycle paths were evaluated along the corridor, however, due to the limited right-of-way, topography, residential and commercial driveways and future plans, it was determined that a five-foot-wide sidewalk met the needs of the City and provided connectivity to the existing sidewalks.

  • The storm sewer system was oversized to accommodate the necessary detention.

  • The traffic signal plans included video detection, combination traffic signal mast arms for intersection lighting, interconnecting the new traffic signal to the Farnsworth Avenue and Bilter Road intersection and connecting into the City’s Traffic Management Center.

  • V3 coordinated with the City and utility companies to identify relocation and schedule conflicts.

  • Project dynamics included single-lane, one-way maintenance of traffic throughout construction because of right-of-way limitations. Full access to all residential, industrial and commercial businesses within the corridor was critical to public acceptance of the project.