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Churchill Woods Dam Modification & Wetland Restoration

Lombard, Illinois

  • The DuPage River Salt Creek workgroup developed concept plans for the modification of the Churchill Woods dam and the restoration of the upstream riparian corridor of the East Branch of the DuPage River.

  • V3’s project scope was to refine or develop a concept plan, prepare engineering plans, develop a wetland restoration plan and obtain all permits for the project.

  • V3 performed a topographic survey, extensive steady state and dynamic hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, formulated various dam modification alternatives, evaluated wetland restoration alternatives and developed detailed engineering and revegetation plans and specifications for the project.

  • Extensive interagency coordination was required for the both the design and permitting of the project.

  • Goals of this project were to improve fish passage and species diversity upstream of the existing dam, along with increased dissolved oxygen within the stream by removing the impoundment.

  • This water quality improvement project increased dissolved oxygen content in the river and enhanced aquatic habitat diversity throughout the riparian corridor of the preserve.