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Town of Hinton

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Design Charrette – Land Development – Town of Hinton

Town of Hinton, Canada

The Town of Hinton acquired a 4.8ha site with a number of constraints related to site servicing and pipeline easements.  In collaboration with NEXT Architects, V3 was engaged to carry out a comprehensive design charrette to develop a plan for the future development of the site. Specific objectives were to identify wasy to capitalize on Town-owned land and resources, while addressing the Town’s housing need. The charrette process involved three key phases:

  • Phase 1: Preparation – This step involved preparing a due diligence report that analyzed the existing conditions of the site to define its future development potential, adjoining land uses and built form, the site’s connectivity to nearby amenities, and its relationship to the Town’s demographics and housing needs. This information was used to create the engagement material for the design charrette, the coordination and programming of which also was also carried out in this phase.
  • Phase 2: Design Charrette – This intensive engagement process advanced the project from a visioning stage to a final preferred concept design over a four-day period. This dynamic process brought different stakeholder groups to the table to discuss their needs and vision for the site. The design team took this information and created a series of site plans that captured the different visions. At the end of the four days, a preferred concept design was presented that had the support from those who participated.
  • Phase 3: Documentaion – This phase documented the actions taken in the previous two steps. It also involved developing a Class D cost estimate and an associated proforma that assessed the feasibility of the preferred design and recommended phasing.

Ultimately, the design charrette resulted in a preferred concept that met Council’s and the stakeholders’ objectives.  The project was unanimously supported by Council in November 2020 and is currently in the process of seeking funding to support the development of stage 1.