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Edmonton Metropolitan Board

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Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB)

Edmonton Metropolitan Region, Canada

Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB) is made up of 13 municipalities that are required to align with a number of regional policy documents that guide growth and development within the region. One of the key documents is the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan (EMRGP), which mandates that all statutory documents developed by member municipalities are required to be consistent with the vision and goals outlined within the EMRGP. The process requires any member municipality to submit their statutory plan to the EMRB for approval to ensure “coordinated, strategic decision-making for economic growth, strong communities and a healthy environment across the region” prior to its formal adoption. Referenced as the Regional Evaluation Framework, V3 is under contract to review and make recommendations related to submitted statutory plans on behalf of the EMRB in the context of the vision and goals outlined in the EMRGP. V3 has reviewed and provided comment on some significant new statutory documents, including the City of Edmonton’s new Municipal Development Plan (“The City Plan”) and the City of St Albert’s Municipal Development Plan (“Flourish Growing to 100K”).