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Fairmont Community Drainage Improvements

Lockport, Illinois

  • The project area includes 1.6 square miles as well as hundreds of residences that were originally constructed in the early 1900s.

  • The area lacks typical stormwater infrastructure such as curb, gutter, storm sewer and detention to manage runoff. Stormwater runoff flows through yards and is blocked by structures including houses, garages and fences.  Several structures suffer recurring flooding during intense storm events.

  • V3 created XP-SWMM models of the Fairmont Community watershed and designed concept level stormwater management improvements to reduce the risk of future flooding. Improvements included new storm sewer, stormwater storage basins, roadside ditches, and culverts.

  • V3 performed final design of concept level stormwater management improvements. Final engineering plans and construction documents were then prepared for the desired infrastructure.

  • V3 also assisted the County with a resident survey regarding flooding conditions, temporary grading easement preparation, public involvement and construction oversight.

  • Notable projects include:

    • Stormwater storage basin at Fairmont School (construction completed in 2018).

    • Storm sewer installation and ditch improvements on Riley Avenue, Central Park Place, and Oak Avenue (construction scheduled for 2020).

    • Stormwater storage basins and new storm sewer installation between Barry Avenue and Rosalind Street east of Green Garden Place (future construction).