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East Skokie Drainage District

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Foss Park Streambank Stabilization

North Chicago, Illinois

  • V3 was the contractor for this $685,000 streambank stabilization project located entirely within the Foss Park Golf Course.
  • Project included:
    • 6,720 linear feet of streambank stabilization, tree clearing, slope grading, toe protection and restoration.
    • 4,500 cubic yards of earth excavation hauled from ditch banks to an on-site disposal area.
    • 2,100 linear feet of tree revetment logs were anchored through the subgrade at the toe of the slope using cabling drilled through the logs and driven into the subgrade.
    • Seven riffle complexes.
    • 3,540 linear feet of coir roll and plantings as well as more than 20,000 native planting plugs.
    • Approximately eight acres of native seeding along stream slopes and upland areas.