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Sturgeon County

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Growth Framework – Sturgeon Valley

Sturgeon Valley, Canada

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan (EMRGP) included growth directives related to an area of Sturgeon Valley County. Known as “Appendix G: Negotiated Policies for the Sturgeon Valley Special Study Area,” these directives governed future development within the Sturgeon Valley region. V3 was engaged to prepare a Growth Framework to help the Sturgeon County Council understand the scale of development, potential impacts on the municipality, and how/where future development should occur. This involved completing:

  • a high-level traffic analysis to understand where pressure points existed that would drive infrastructure upgrades;
  • an analysis of how the required density targets outlined in the EMRGP that would be implemented, including policies related to transitioning from the adjacent urban communities to the established Country Residential communities;
  • the interface with CFB Edmonton;
  • an analysis reviewing servicing of infrastructure and anticipated upgrades; and
  • a fiscal impact analysis to forecast the implications of development on the County’s bottom line.

The development of the Growth Framework involved a robust engagement process with a range of stakeholders including area landowners, developers and adjacent municipalities. A number of different development scenarios were analyzed, culminating in a preferred approach being recommended to Council in fall of 2020.