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Hainesville Road Phase I

Round Lake Beach

  • V3 is providing Phase I engineering services for this 1.5-mile corridor widening of Hainesville Road from Washington Street to Rollins Roads in Lake County, Illinois. The existing roadway is a rural section with no pedestrian accommodations and various from a two-lane to a three-lane roadway.
  • The project scope includes topographic survey, traffic analysis, floodway/floodplain analysis and permitting, closed drainage system design as well as pavement evaluation that includes a condition and feasibility study to widen and resurface the corridor to a three-lane section.
  • Key challenges associated with the wider roadway section includes minimizing impacts to right-of-way, utility conflicts and resolutions, culvert extensions and potential wetland and environmental impacts.
  • Wetland investigation and mitigation measures were conducted as part of the project as well as soil investigations and management.
  • As part of the alternatives evaluation, the design team will avoid impacting the recently improved intersections at Washington Street and Rollins Road. However, with existing paths located at both project termini, public involvement is anticipated to determine whether separated multi-use paths are to be included in the contract documents.
  • The widened corridor is likely to create more than 1.5 acres of new impervious area, which will require a watershed development permit from the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission and the need to provide stormwater detention. Additionally, the new Bulletin 70 rainfall data must be used and will result in a higher stormwater detention volume and higher discharge rates.
  • A portion of Hainesville Road is located within a FEMA regulatory Zone A floodplain. Floodplain cut and fill volumes must be calculated with lost floodplain storage to be designed at a 1.2 to 1 ratio.