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Lac La Biche County

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Lac La Biche Main Street Design

Lac La Biche County , Canada

Lac La Biche County is carrying out a number of initiatives to improve the liveability and attractiveness of the Hamlet of Lac La Biche. V3 was hired to develop a streetscape plan for the Main Street, which involved extensive engagement with Council, businessowners, local schools and the public to obtain their input, and ultimately, their buy-in, into the design.

The engagement process also highlighted a number of other considerations related to revitalization of the downtown. These included fa├žade improvement program, enabling mixed use development in the downtown, architectural design guidelines, parking and lighting improvements, , and four-season event programming for Main Street.

The final report included design elements, design products, a construction cost estimate, and proactive recommendations related to overcoming construction challenges. This project is planned for construction in 2021 and 2022.