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Village of Downers Grove

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Lacey Creek Streambank Stabilization

Downers Grove, Illinois

  • Several stretches of streambank along Lacey Creek had experienced high amounts of erosion that was impacting adjacent residential property, creating safety hazards and impeding conveyance of stormwater. These areas of the creek required slope restoration and stabilization.
  • Through an engineering contract with the Village, V3 completed preliminary plans that defined the stabilization improvements and permitting parameters for the proposed work.
  • V3 assisted the Village with County Stormwater and USACE permitting for executing the proposed bank stabilization work, including in-stream access for construction and associated soil water conservation and sediment control during wet weather conditions.
  • V3 executed this work through a design/build delivery.  Final plans were developed and implemented hand-in-hand between design engineers and construction professionals to seamlessly address conflicts, constraints and Village and resident concerns as they arose.
  • The design/build delivery plans were finalized by defining the materials and methods used for retaining wall construction.
  • Improvements included removal of 2,400 linear feet of timber retaining wall, construction of 12,350 square feet of modular block wall, bypass pumping of creek, installation of a temporary coffer dam, topsoil import and slope grading, turf seeding and installation of erosion blanket.