Department of Public Works


City of Lafayette

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Local Government, Transportation


Landscape Architecture, Municipal Consulting, Sustainable Design & Consulting

North Street Reconstruction & Integrated Stormwater Management

Lafayette, Indiana

  • As the lead design engineer our team created one of the most sustainable urban streetscapes in the Midwest. The North Street Reconstruction project is a unique example of using a “complete green street” approach while revitalizing an urban corridor, abating significant stormwater volume  and enhancing the neighborhood.
  • Our team deconstructed, salvaged and reused the existing historic brick as architectural elements consistent with the character of the City’s neighborhoods. The brick pavers were replaced with a permeable surface which will provide capture of stormwater while improving driving and pedestrian conditions. The combination of several green infrastructure elements leads to greater than 76% volume reduction within the combined sewershed while avoiding the need for expensive storm sewer redirection and eliminating long term operations costs at the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Beyond the inherent stormwater benefits, the North Street project is a catalyst for neighborhood revitalization and economic development. It improved pedestrian connectivity, increased on-street parking availability, provided vehicular controls and enhanced streetscape conditions.
  • Our firm was also tasked with public outreach and education. A website was created and maintained which provided construction updates and educational information on the unique street design. We organized public outreach opportunities for the youth that live in the neighborhood including education on why water is important and how the new North Street will benefit their community and overall health.