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MD of Lesser Slave Lake

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Land Use Bylaw – MD of Lesser Slave River

Slave Lake, Alberta

Municipal District of Lesser Slave River’s existing Land Use Bylaw (LUB) was adopted in 2004, and has since been amended 54 times. As the MD evolves, some regulations in the existing LUB don’t align with current direction of Council and aren’t flexible enough to allow change, development and innovation.

V3 has been engaged to carry out a complete rewrite of the document to make sure that the rules and regulations are reasonable, effective and reflect the current context of the MD, as well as guide future development to fit the vision for the community and to enable greater adaptability to encourage development.

Rewriting the LUB included a robust engagement component, which involved a series of information sessions with Council, stakeholders and the public. These sessions focused on the purpose and role of the LUB and how land uses impacted the MD’s revenue sources revenue and operating budget.  The LUB was structured using a hybrid approach, drawing on the best of conventional/Euclidean and performance/impact-based land use management, enabling both certainty and flexibility.   This rewrite also identified the need to address higher level statutory planning documents that the Land Use Bylaw should be consistent with which resulted in repealing and amending a number of Area Structure Plans and recommendations on how to move forward with creating more effective planning tools.