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Mayfair Reservoir Expansion

Westchester, Illinois

  • Following significant storm events in 2010 and 2013, which caused first floor flooding to approximately 60 residences and basement flooding to approximately 120 residences in the Mayfair Park area of Westchester, V3 was retained by the Village to evaluate the expansion of the Mayfair Reservoir
  • The Mayfair Reservoir is located in Mayfair Park, which is north of 31st Street and west of Mayfair Avenue in the Village of Westchester and contained approximately 40 acre feet of existing flood storage.  The reservoir is owned by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD)
  • The MWRD became a partner in this project with the Village as the property owner of the Mayfair Reservoir and by funding a significant portion of the project through the April 2013 federal disaster relief funds
  • The Salt Creek Tributary is the source of flooding in this area as it connects directly to Lower Salt Creek, just east of the project area
  • V3 performed storm alternatives analysis to determine the most cost effective option to protect the impacted residences from the 100-Year event
  • Recommendations and improvements included the expansion of the Mayfair Reservoir by 33 acre feet of additional flood storage
  • Conveyance improvements were also completed to meet the goal of protecting all the homes in this area from the 100-year storm event and 1,600 linear feet of 42-inch relief sewer was constructed to provide additional capacity in this location
  • An existing stormwater lift station at the Mayfair Reservoir was evaluated for efficiency related to the expansion of additional storage and an operation and maintenance report was prepared for the Village to guide pumping operation in the future
  • The Village and a nearby golf course were able to reach an agreement for that golf course to accept approximately 60,000 cubic yards of soil from the excavation of the reservoir, thereby keeping costs down for the total project