Village of Downers Grove


Village of Downers Grove

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Local Government, Parks & Forest Preserves


Site Civil, Water Resources

McCollum Park Improvements

Downers Grove, Illinois

V3 designed two projects at this site. A stormwater improvement project that provides regional flood relief to areas that experienced frequent drainage problems.  V3 designed a flood storage basin on the footprint of a proposed soccer field. A relief sewer was designed from the main storm sewer, allowing water to access the new storage during larger storms, but keeping the field dry for soccer play during small storms. V3’s responsibilities also included relocating an existing sand volleyball court and basketball court, connecting existing pedestrian paths through the park and site lighting.

The second project included renovations and improvements to the baseball and soccer fields, the playground seating area and tennis viewing plaza, the south and north parking lots, the tennis facilities and the evaluation of improvements to the network of onsite pathways.