Solomon Cordwell Buenz & Associates


Loyola University


Solomon Cordwell Buenz & Associates

Market Sector

Education, Retail


Site Civil

Loyola Quinlan School of Business Administration

Chicago, Illinois

  • This project consisted of the 14 story school building with retail and a gathering area on the first floor with a partial basement.

  • The project is located adjacent to the CTA Red line.

  • The project will link to the existing Baumhart building to the east and proposed Newcastle building to the north.

  • A private alley is located to the north of the site with access off of Chestnut Street.  Coordination of the alley improvements was required with all of the buildings that use it as access.

  • Stormwater detention was provided with a Storm Trap system.  Close coordination was required to fit the system within the proposed sheeting area and to prevent conflict with grade beams.

  • Stormwater volume control was provided by reducing the amount of impervious area through the use of a green roof system.

  • CDOT requires that the corner ramps within the frontage of the site be upgraded to the current standards.  Additionally, the receiving ramps across the street were required to be upgraded.  Both receiving ramps for the site were located adjacent to a CTA vents which required close coordination with CDOT to upgrade the ramp elevations without impacting the CTA facilities.

  • This project is pursuing LEED silver.