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Sustainable Design & Consulting, Water Resources

SE AmeriPlex Business Park

Indianapolis, Indiana

Our firm was an integral team member for one of Indianapolis’ largest industrial parks, AmeriPlex, located just south of the international airport. The business park’s access to the interstate network and airport hubs make it an attractive location for major corporate tenants. It is also one of the first Wildlife Friendly Developments in Indiana, accommodating green space, wildlife habitats and multiuse paths. Our firm provided natural resource permitting for the entire site as well as other specialized services for the AmeriPlex Parkway, wetland park and World Connect developments within the AmeriPlex site. As part of the preliminary planning process for AmeriPlex Parkway, our firm was responsible for completing a low impact development (LID) based stormwater management feasibility study. The feasibility study analyzed a retrofit of the existing stormwater infrastructure to improve conveyance and filtration while incorporating the visual requirements of the corridor. As part of the wetland park, our firm developed a conceptual wetland mitigation design incorporating existing and proposed wetland features into a park setting with trails, boardwalks and interpretive signage.