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Springbrook Tributary No 2 Meander Project

Naperville, Illinois

  • The project’s primary ecological objectives were to improve habitat, reduce bank erosion and improve water quality within a 1.5-mile channelized stream running through the Springbrook Prairie Nature Preserve.

  • The project’s engineering objectives focused on reconnecting the stream to the historic floodplain to improve its ability to absorb larger volumes of water and dissipate energy in major storm events.

  • The remeandered stream bed was designed to elevate it to normal entrenchment conditions and saturate hydric soils to form a riparian wetland zone that would absorb floodwaters.

  • Constructed to mimic a naturally-made stream bed, each bend in the new channel was excavated deeper to create a pool, each crossover was elevated to create a riffle and the stone-lined channel bottom was sloped to follow the water flow.

  • The stream bank was stabilized using root wads and footer logs in the bends of the newly meandered creek and the top of the bank was stabilized with 10-foot-wide by 1-foot-deep burrito-style wrapped topsoil.

  • A major project challenge involved building the new channel over the old channel while maintaining stream flows.

  • All construction, stabilization, seeding restoration and planting were completed by V3.

  • This project won the Illinois ASCE Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award (less than $5 million).