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St. Charles Road over Salt Creek Phase I & II

Villa Park

  • V3 was hired to provide Phase I, II and III engineering for the replacement of the existing St. Charles Road Bridge superstructure over Salt Creek.

  • Phase I services included hydrologic studies, location drainage studies, bridge inspections and alternative rehabilitation analysis as well as environmental documentation and the preparation of a project development report in accordance with all necessary state and federal requirements.

  • The bridge was in relatively poor condition and was posted with a weight restriction.

  • The environmental work included wetland delineations and the preparation of the preliminary environmental site assessment to determine the potential for hazardous and special waste impacts.

  • A major challenge of this project was obtaining Phase I design approval so that the project could continue through the federal process and construct the necessary rehabilitation before the bridge needed to be closed due to continued deterioration. The project was let in April 2019.

  • Another challenge for this project was assisting the Village in obtaining the necessary funding. The Village was successful in securing Surface Transportation Program – Bridge funding as well as IDOT’s Major Bridge Program funds for construction.

  • Following Phase I design approval, IDOT performed their annual bridge inspection and determined that one through lane in each direction on St. Charles Road needed to be closed due to the worsening condition of the deck beams. V3, along with its Construction Group, did an emergency design/build to construct temporary supports for the deteriorated beams. V3 was able to design, fabricate and install the beams in less than 30 days keeping all lanes open to traffic until the superstructure was replaced.