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Stearns Road & Munger Road Roadway Improvements


  • V3 provided civil engineering services for the 28-acre industrial use site including offsite roadway improvements.
  • Roadway improvements included the resurfacing and widening of Stearns Road into a five-lane section from Munger Road to Lynnfield Lane, two driveways (one full access and one right-in/right-out), a 10-foot, multi-use path, ADA improvements, storm sewer improvements and a new full access driveway and median modifications on Munger Road.
  • The County desired a typical section that matched the higher design speed section to the west and included an eight-foot shoulder, curb and gutter on the north side of Stearns Road and an eight-foot shoulder on the south side of Stearns Road.
  • New culverts were added and extended in order to construct the proposed improvements. A new headwall was constructed to avoid impacts to the wetland buffer.
  • Watermain-quality pipe was used for storm sewer where adequate clearance from the existing water line could not be met.
  • A barrier warrant analysis was required to determine the proper location and length of guardrail to protect the new headwall.
  • Post construction best management practices were implemented to meet the County requirements which included onsite measures and offsite ditch infiltration areas.
  • Coordination with the Village of Bartlett was also required to meet the requests of the Village for the development of the property that also included a new multi-use path.