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Sturgeon Valley Area Structure Plan

Sturgeon Valley, Canada

The “Sturgeon Valley Special Study Area” (SVSSA) directs development within an area that borders the City of Edmonton to the south, and the City of St. Albert to the south west, and the Canadian Forces Base-Edmonton to the east.  Known as Sturgeon Valley, this area is comprised of almost 20 sections (12,501 acres) governed by the Sturgeon Valley Area Structure Plan (AS)) adopted in 1999. V3 was retained to align planning in the Sturgeon Valley with the over-arching Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan and the SVSSA. To accomplish this, V3 worked with County administration to develop the new ASP, as well as updating the existing ASP to reflect the changes and new policy directions.

The new ASP affects around 25 quarter sections of undeveloped land that is projected to accommodate a future population of 70,000+ residents, commercial mixed-use neighbourhoods and a light industrial area.