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Sugar Creek Watershed Stormwater Master Plan

Villa Park, Illinois

  • The Village of Villa Park selected V3 to perform stormwater master plan and sewer modeling services with the goal of alleviating local flooding problems within the Sugar Creek watershed.
  • XP-SWMM modeling of the 4.2-square-mile watershed as well as the storm sewer network was conducted and V3 identified 15 distinct problem areas.

  • V3 developed both storage and conveyance improvement alternatives for the problem areas to provide relief of overland flooding and first floor flooding of 83 homes up to the 100-year storm event.

  • Conveyance improvements consisted of increased capacity of storm sewer pipes and additional inlets at depressional storage locations. V3 also designed improved overflow routing for storm events in excess of the street and storm sewer capacities.

  • Additionally, V3 assisted the Village in applying for FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grants using the FEMA BCA toolkit and online application to successfully obtain almost $5 million in FEMA grants for the reduction of flood impacts within this watershed.

  • South Michigan Avenue Reconstruction Project:  Since a significant section of the proposed relief sewer was located along the on-going Michigan Avenue reconstruction project, this portion of the 72-inch, large-diameter relief sewer was installed in conjunction with the V3 designed roadway reconstruction resulting in cost savings and eliminating future disturbances.

  • Jackson Middle School Basin Expansion:  To allow for increased conveyance of flood waters from the upper watershed improvements, storage improvements were identified at the Jackson Middle School park. An existing detention facility on the site was expanded by 41 acre feet of storage to allow for overflow to enter Jackson Pond rather than follow it’s natural course which would have been through several adjacent residences.

    • A secondary bypass route allowed for flood waters from the pond expansion to travel south and be stored in a secondary storage facility before being discharged into Sugar Creek on the Willowbrook High School property.

    • Regrading and redesign of two baseball fields and four soccer fields was completed on the Jackson Middle School campus as well as re-vegetting with native bottom and turf grass.

    • Permitting was not required as the existing pond was man-made and there were no wetland impacts.