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Sunset Park Green Infrastructure Basin

Middletown, Ohio

  • The Bulls Run to Sunset Park Green Infrastructure Basin project is part of the long-term control plan (LTCP) for the City of Middletown’s consent decree to control combined sewer overflows.

  • The LTCP requires 1,800 linear feet of storm sewer and a one-acre green infrastructure basin that  provides up to nearly a million gallons of storage.

  • The purpose of this project is to divert stormwater from the Bulls Run watershed to the basin and hold, treat and slowly release the stormwater back into the combined sewer.

  • This is a complicated project that includes several areas of expertise including site planning, stormwater controls, landscape architecture, general civil, public park playground equipment placement, site furnishing placement and roadway and parking lot restoration.  V3 coordinated all of these separate pieces into one cohesive project.

  • This project is in a crowded corridor land is affected by conflicts with other utilities including an existing watermain.  This became an opportunity to replace the aging watermain concurrently with installation of the new storm sewer, thus limiting inconvenience to the surrounding neighborhood.