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Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) | Northern Haiti

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Trou du Nord Basin Integrated Watershed Model & Water Sustainability Study

Northern Haiti

  • V3 developed a long-term sustainability assessment of the water resources in the Trou du Nord Watershed Basin in Northern Haiti.

  • A continuous, daily flow hydrologic model using GIS-based Arc-SWAT software was developed together with the 3D transient¬†groundwater model MODFLOW. The models estimated recharge, evapotranspiration, daily flows in the Trou du Nord River and changes in aquifer levels.

  • Major uses of water, including the recently established Parc Industrial Caracol and the AGRITRANS 1000-ha Banana Plantation, were incorporated into the models to assess their affects on long-term water availability in the watershed.

  • Future development and land use scenarios were estimated and assessed, and global climate change scenarios were input into the model to assess water supply feasibility within the shed.

  • Potential intrusion of marine saltwater into the freshwater Masacre Aquifer was evaluated using the ModFlow Model. Existing data was extremely scarce for the study area. Field visits were performed to gather stream flow measurements insitu and to survey cross sections at several locations within the watershed. V3 specialists interviewed technicians at the industrial park and banana plantation to acquire critical model calibration data.¬† They also identified local raingages that were not specified in documented literature and agency files.

  • Several government agencies were contacted to acquire data on existing water usage within the major municipalities of the region.

  • The project scope included the development of specifications for a weather and stream flow monitoring station, including technical requirements and siting recommendations. Reports were provided that assessed the availability of water within the watershed under future conditions.