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City of Regina

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Underutilized Land Use Study – City of Regina

City of Regina, Canada

The adoption of Design Regina: Official Community Plan (OCP) in late 2013 set a new course for Regina’s growth and development. This plan is based on a population growth of 300,000, growing ultimately to 500,000. A goal of the OCP was to incorporate 30% of Regina’s next 65,000 new residents within the City’s existing serviced boundaries.

This project involved discovering the issues surrounding vacant sites in the City and finding solutions to enable their redevelopment. This focused on infill sites because of opportunities for Regina to capitalize on existing services and underutilized capacity in the water/sewer system, transit and transportation infrastructure, and community/ education facilities. The project involved understanding the current conditions around infill development from municipal best practices, analyzing Regina’s Tax policy, underutilized land inventory, conducting stakeholder engagement, and carrying out business case examples. The project concluded by developing a series of policy direction recommendations.