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Illinois Department of Transportation

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US Route 30/Wisconsin Central LTD Grade Separation

Lynwood, Illinois

Higher train volumes, significant increases in traffic congestion and safety concerns led the Illinois Department of Transportation to select V3 to conduct Phase I preliminary engineering and to prepare Phase II design and final plans and specifications for a proposed grade separation at US Route 30 and the Wisconsin Central LTD railroad tracks. The project included an analysis of several centerline alternative alignments for US Route 30 as well as various overpass or underpass grade separation alternatives. Key project challenges included conducting the Phase I process on an accelerated 18-month schedule to meet funding requirements, coordinating with the Wisconsin Central LTD and Norfolk Southern Railroads and with the Town of Dyer, Indiana and INDOT because the project site was only a quarter mile from the state border. An extensive public involvement program was also conducted following context-sensitive solutions principles.