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Village of Northbrook

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Wescott Park Stormwater Storage

Northbrook, Illinois

  • V3 provided general contracting services for this complicated earthwork and underground stormwater storage project which was designed to reduce the frequency and severity of residential flooding during a 25-year storm event.
  • V3 construction professionals worked closely with the Village and their design consultant to complete the installation of a 24-acre-foot underground storage facility. Which at the time, was the largest StormTrap system in the nation.
  • The project included the installation of 1,700 individual StormTrap precast pieces as well as offsite disposal of more than 60,000 cubic yards of excavated material.
  • A rainwater harvesting system was installed to utilize stored stormwater to irrigate the park’s ball field; harvested water is filtered and treated to meet Illinois Department of Public Health water quality standards.
  • Safe access to the elementary school was provided by scheduling heavy trucking operations around peak hours for school. Phased-construction maintained residential access to driveways during the demolition and reconstruction of Western Avenue.