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V3 has a simple philosophy when it comes to success: Hire great people, provide them with world-class training, put them on exciting projects, and watch them achieve their highest level of excellence. We also know that balancing personal fulfillment, professional growth, and career development is the basis of you attaining satisfaction … and us discovering another key person to enhance our team. It’s particularly rewarding to know that our team members feel this way, propelling V3 to the lofty rank of 4th Best Firm to Work For among North American AEC firms in Zweig Group’s 2021 competition.

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Even the most veteran among us is constantly learning better ways to address technical issues and to more effectively serve our clients. That’s why V3 puts a premium on professional development. Our goal is to help you ascend to your highest level.

Because we serve a broad array of clients with a highly diversified platform of services, you’ll have opportunities to match your interests and skills to any number of disciplines. You’ll also not just know your division director but receive the kind of one-on-one attention that you might expect only from a much smaller firm.

Each year, we invest in everything from ongoing training and mentoring programs to collaborative project approaches and new generation software platforms. You’ll enter an organization that provides alternatives for your professional growth, defined tracks to get there, and a supportive structure to help you become the best in your chosen profession.

I'm investing my career at V3 because I believe in the people. Co-workers whose company I genuinely enjoy; teams that work well together; a group that celebrates not only the success of projects but the success of each other. Not to mention having an accessible and approachable leadership -- that’s a big one!"

Lauren Montero, Project Engineer II, Transportation & Municipal Engineering Meet Our Staff

Culture & Environment

A lot of firms talk about company culture and environment, but it’s more than just words to us. And if a sterling employee retention record is any indication of a dynamic, successful company culture … look no further than V3.

We retain top talent by being a place people don’t want to leave, whether the reason to stay is based on project work, professional development, opportunities to advance careers and become an owner in the firm, colleagues who become friends, or the work/life balance we strive to provide. While we don’t expect everyone to become “V3 lifers,” the average tenure of those who have worked at V3 for at least one year is 10.5 years.

Work, Life, Balance

We know there’s more to employment than work, and that job satisfaction has many different facets.

For some, that means giving back. Through our V3 Social Responsibility program the company provides every employee with paid time off to volunteer their time and skills to help others. For others, personal and professional development is key. Our extensive company program offerings include formal mentorships, professional training, peer recognition, social events, as well as wellness activities through our REVITALIZE program. At V3, there’s something for everyone.

But don’t get us wrong. Some of our favorite activities involve monthly birthday bagels, food truck visits and barbecues. After all, it’s all about balance.

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