• Technical Services:
    – Funding & Grant Applications
    – Due Diligence
    – Valuations
    – Safety Training
    – Expert Witness Services
  • Design & Consulting Services:
    – Feasibility Studies
    – Environmental Studies
    – Track Design
    – Civil Engineering
    – Track & Yard Facilities
    – Rail & Highway Crossing
    – Public Works, Rail/Highway Crossings & Permitting
    – Industrial Facilities Inspection & Design
    – Inspection & Documentation
    – Drainage & Hydraulics
    – Structural Inspection, Design & Program Management
  • Construction-Phase Services

Rail projects can be quite complex, demanding an experienced team with a broad skill set. Our full-service railroad engineering group is comprised of industry veterans who provide planning, evaluation, design, maintenance and construction-related services for clients that range from Class I railroads to private heavy rail users to transit systems. These skilled professionals possess years of practical experience in track, bridges and railroad operations, and can address any number of tangential issues (environmental, water, structural) that may impact a project.​​

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After a 40-year career at a class 1 railroad, I still find the railroad industry exciting. Joining V3 has allowed me to continue my journey. I have found that my experience allows me to bring the railroad’s perspective to our design and project management teams.

John Klein, Senior Engineer, Railroad Services