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DuPage County Department of Stormwater Management

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West Branch Forest Preserve Wetland, Fen & River Restoration

DuPage County, Illinois

This complex, multi-year project involved the restoration of a more than 330-acre area within a forest preserve including a one-mile section of the West Branch of the DuPage River, 158 acres of wetlands, a 34-acre fen and adjacent prairie and savanna communities. Project goals included improving stormwater management, enhancing aquatic and terrestrial habitat and reducing invasive species pressure to allow native communities to establish. The river restoration posed a daunting challenge, requiring a solution that involved diverting the existing river while accommodating 100-year storm event volumes. V3 restored the river in phases, building lined diversion channels along the length of the river, addressing erosion issues, stabilizing the banks and enhancing wetland hydrology by connecting the river to the floodplain.