Meet Kristine Wright

November 18, 2019

FEATURED EMPLOYEE: Meet Kristine Wright – Adventuresome Environmentalist, Project Scientist

Throughout her childhood on the south side of Chicago, Kristine Wright was passionate about the environment and being outside. She has fond memories of those early days spent playing in nature, taking family vacations to national parks, hiking, and adventures at YMCA camp.

“I’ve always been interested in the environment, research, and science,” admitted Kristine. “And recycling! Thanks to my Dad’s influence I have never thrown a single can in the garbage.”

When the time came to start forging a career path, Kristine let her interests guide her. She decided to pursue degrees in natural resources and environmental science at the University of Illinois.

Then one day, V3 came to campus to recruit for a summer wetlands internship. Kristine got the job … and never looked back! Now, more than fifteen years later, Kristine is a project scientist/GIS specialist who finds joy in doing a little bit of everything.

“My job has truly morphed over the years,” said Kristine. “I’ve stayed at V3 because of the types of projects we get and the people I work with. Everyone is fun and science-geeky like myself. I pride myself on being someone that can do it all at work, and I’ve been fortunate that V3 has encouraged me to pursue new experiences.”

Outside of work, Kristine maintains a penchant for adventure and travel.

“I just recently got back from a trip to Alaska, which had always been on my bucket list,” Kristine said. “I wanted to see the glaciers; when we went into Glacier Bay National Park there were icebergs floating and the water was turquoise. There was wildlife everywhere. It was incredible!”

When she’s not exploring new places, Kristine finds other ways to challenge herself and give back to causes that are near and dear to her heart.


“I ran the New York marathon 6 years ago,” said Kristine. “It was my first marathon and I decided to run for the Alzheimer’s Foundation because of my family history. Some of my V3 colleagues helped me raise the money. By grilling out and fundraising in other ways we raised $3,500. The 50th anniversary of the NY marathon is next year, and I might have it in me to do one more race.”

“I also work with V3’s international group,” said Kristine. “We try to do charity events for Haiti somewhat regularly. I enjoy the opportunity to get together with my coworkers for a cause, especially when it involves working out, being active and helping other people.”

Both at work and in her personal life, Kristine is not afraid to tackle life head on. She has a long history of knowing what she wants out of life and going after it with tenacity.

“One of my first work experiences was an internship at the Natural Resources Conservation Society,” recalled Kristine. “I told my boss I was going to save the planet when I graduate. He laughed and said that was cute.”

Look at her now.