Meet Megan Benetatos

October 26, 2018

FEATURED EMPLOYEE: Megan Benetatos – Resident Engineer and Problem-solver Extraordinaire

It’s always been about function for Megan Benetatos. As far back as she can remember, Megan has found ways to design better solutions and make the world around her more efficient. She is truly a rare breed: determined, whip-smart, an excellent communicator, and a steady force on the job site and beyond.

“I always knew I wanted to do something in math and science,” said Megan. “Drafting was a required course in 7th grade and I loved it. That was my introduction to civil engineering and my interest continued through high school. Once I took my first structural course in college that was it – the work was so logical to me. I was supposed to do this.”

The natural talent for problem-solving and innate ability to create is a gene that has been passed down through generations of Megan’s family.

“My dad worked in construction and was always showing me blueprints,” said Megan. “It’s always felt very natural. When I was really young I would lay books down on their edges to make floorplans for my Barbies.”

Megan attended the Illinois Institute of Technology for her undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and went on to earn a master’s degree in Structural Engineering. She could often be found using her penchant for functional design to help advance her various other endeavors, including a successful athletic career.

“I played volleyball through college,” said Megan. “I can remember realizing early on that I didn’t want to keep chasing the ball all over the field, so I designed and built a volleyball target. That’s probably the first thing I built.”

Megan has since sketched and built countless other items—first with the guidance and support of her dad, and today with the assistance of a cabinet maker for some of her more ambitious projects.

“My family and I live in a two-bedroom condo in Chicago,” said Megan. “My 10-year-old son, Vasilios, needed space to play so I made his bed roll away so he can use the whole space as a play room. He even has a swing in there!”

Connecting the dots between design and function extends to Megan’s career as well. A resident engineer at V3 Companies for more than a decade, she has been thrilled to put all her talents and passions to work.

“V3 was recommended to me by someone I went to school with,” said Megan. “When I went in for an interview I spoke with people from both the structural design and construction management departments. It felt like both my worlds were coming together. I was able to apply everything I was interested in, all aspects of my education, which is rare. It’s been the best of both worlds.”