Meet Richard Reynoso

June 5, 2018

FEATURED EMPLOYEE: Richard Reynoso – Fleet Assistant, Wearer of Many Hats

Richard Reynoso’s colleagues may recognize him as the guy up on the ladder, rewiring something, or cozied up to the pipes, fixing the plumbing. Or perhaps as the man assisting with the fleet, scheduling repairs and handling general maintenance. Or as the administrative assistant with FedEx packages in hand. Or even as the tinkerer who takes apart temperamental equipment and makes it work again.

Richard first joined V3 in the summer of 2015 in the Administrative group and later landed an internship with the Construction Engineering Group. A self-described visual learner, seeing his college coursework come to life on the job site solidified his interest in the field and helped make everything click.

Today, Richard gamely wears many hats. He has a reputation as the handy, helpful, and gregarious man about the V3 offices. But make no mistake, under that affable exterior bubbles a seriously ambitious drive.

“I’m currently pursuing a degree in construction management while working full-time as a fleet assistant/administrative assistant,” said Richard. “I’ve always had an interest in architecture and find the aesthetics of buildings fascinating. I love the idea of people putting their own spin on the built world.”

As a young kid, Richard had his heart set on pursuing a career as an architect … or chef.

“Both cooking and architecture deal with building something,” said Richard. “I enjoy finding a recipe I like and switching out ingredients to experiment. I’m horrible at baking and making things like eggs because I want to be able to ‘engineer’ the food.”

Richard credits his late father with instilling a passion for fixing, creating, and experimenting from an early age.

“My Dad was a great baker and could fix anything,” admitted Richard. “He was really skilled at woodworking, electrical, metal work, and more. He wouldn’t throw anything away until he had taken a shot at fixing it.”

As a member of a big family, with 4 older sisters and one brother, Richard had to learn quickly to speak up, be comfortable in a crowd, and forge a path for himself. Especially because his brother, Michael, is actually his identical twin.

“Growing up it was nearly impossible to tell my brother and I apart,” said Richard. “My Mom dressed us the same; looking back at pictures I can’t even identify myself if they aren’t labeled! Today there are slight differences between us. Michael would say he is funnier (I don’t agree). He’s also very creative and always building things. We both inherited that quality from my Dad.”

These days, any time left over after a full week of work, school, and family obligations is spent either on long, backroad Harley rides with his buddies … or at cake tastings with his fiancé.

Yes, you can add another hat to the stack: husband-to-be! Richard and V3’s HR Generalist, Rachel Urbanski, are currently planning a September 2018 wedding. Proof that with the right combination of talent, drive, and adaptability there are no limits to what one man can achieve.