• Planning Policy
  • Municipal Development Plans / Official Community Plans
  • Affordable Housing
  • Infill Development
  • Master Planning
  • Regional Planning
  • Intermunicipal Development Plans
  • Land Use Bylaws & Permitting
  • Urban Design
  • Rural Planning
  • Land Use Planning
  • Stakeholder & Public Engagement
  • Active Transportation Planning
  • Planning for First Nations
  • Funding Growth


It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to positively impact local communities and their residents, economy, environment and social and built infrastructure. V3’s highly-skilled planning team utilizes its diverse local, national and international experience to provide professional advice that results in pragmatic, actionable plans. We are keenly aware of the importance of meeting milestones and budgets, along with understanding and achieving the client’s definition of project quality and providing comprehensive communication and follow through. What’s more, our planning team has the benefit of being fully integrated with our civil engineering, natural resources and surveying professionals, providing seamless insight into the full impact of planning efforts on communities.


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Planning involves bringing people together to find solutions to problems whether small or large. It involves having a broad understanding of varying professions and how they interact with other disciplines in finding solutions within the governance structure applicable to a project. This involves understanding the risks that lie ahead and what is required to mitigate or avoid the risks from occurring. The challenge with planning is that it typically looks at a time horizon that people struggle to grapple with in a fast changing world. However, history has shown that a lack of planning often leads to far greater economic, social and environmental implications.

Nick Pryce, Director - Planning Group