Meet Eric Pubantz

April 6, 2021

Featured Employee: Project Technologist, Voracious Learner and Avid Explorer

As Eric Pubantz hits his 7th year at V3, it’s safe to say he’s a guy on the go. He’s a voracious learner and avid explorer both at work and in his personal life. No two days are the same for him, which is just how he likes it, but, whether he’s working in the office or out on the field, one thing remains consistent: he’s always jumping at the chance to learn new skills and perfect old ones. Eric attributes this to the fact that he gets to work with a smaller team.


“People know who I am, and I’m not just a number on a spreadsheet” he says. “Ed, our VP, is always available to talk to and I never feel like I’ve been pigeonholed. I get to bounce around and get exposed to different aspects of the job, which is great for personal development.”

Eric’s passion for learning takes root in his 11 years spent in boy scouts, thanks to his father being a scout leader. It was there that—in addition to learning how to tie every knot under the sun—he was introduced to his love of the outdoors. And yes, that includes enjoying the chilly Canadian winters! “I never liked hiding inside in winter, and I’d much rather enjoy it than wait for it to end. Being so close to the Rocky Mountains, it’d be a shame to miss out on what’s in my backyard,” he tells us. During weekends hiking, camping, and hitting the slopes, he’s often surrounded by friends, family, and even fellow colleagues from V3.

Even during the pandemic, Eric has managed to keep busy. Not only did he get to enjoy extra time outside, he also got married in September.


“The venue was picked and we were getting into the finer details of wedding planning when COVID first hit,” he explained, “but we decided to adapt to the situation rather than put our lives on hold.”


Looking back, he describes the pandemic as somewhat of a blessing in disguise. Though it involved a few tough decisions, cutting down the guestlist from 180 to 50 allowed the couple to have a more intimate, socially distanced ceremony with all their closest friends and family.

Getting married isn’t the only milestone Eric has hit this year, though. He is also excited to announce that he is expecting a son! This will be his first child (unless you count his two cats and energetic German Shepherd mix), and he can’t wait to be a dad. He’s especially looking forward to sharing his love of the outdoors with his son.