Meet Jason Holy

November 2, 2021

Most people know him as Jason Holy, but here at V3, he’s affectionately known as “The Landscaping Guy”. But before all that, let’s take a peek back at Jason’s childhood where he first became fascinated with watching things get built, and he inherited a knack for planning from his mother and father.

“When we went on vacation they had things planned almost to a T,” he reminisced, “both parents were teachers which kind of falls in check”. As Jason’s love of all things planning and building stuck with him into adulthood, he headed to Valparaiso University, where he earned his degree in Civil Engineering, and, thanks to a newspaper clipping sent to him by his father and overall friendly demeanor, even meet a few folks who would end up working alongside him at V3 for the next 20 years (and counting!).

Jason has his hands dipped in just about everything, working on everything from roadway to traffic control design. He considers his career to be a rewarding one, as it requires him to think out of the box while fulfilling that same love of building he’s retained for so many years. He’s especially drawn to what he refers to as “oddball” projects.

“It’s a challenging industry,” Jason says fondly, “people think it’s a piece of cake, but they also aren’t necessarily asking themselves how they get their storm sewers or how to build a road when there are so many obstacles around. I’m always looking ahead to make sure I can provide quality things to clients that are also cost effective and save time.”

Jason recently moved from Downers Grove to Lisle with his wife of 4 years, and small dog. His subdivision is located near a series of trails where you can often find him going for a run—a hobby that started during his days running cross country and track from high school to college. That is, you’ll find him running when he’s not hard at work on his landscaping business, another favorite hobby of his (we’re not sure where he gets the time to do all this, either!).

“I’ve actually done work for a large majority of V3 employees,” something he credits to being part of such a close-knit team, “I do stuff from planting to retaining walls, patios, sidewalks…you name it, we do it.”

To Jason, there’s nothing better than seeing one of his designs come to fruition, watching as a client’s lawn flourishes, or even simply increasing his mileage during his runs. At his core, it’s growth that drives him…and maybe a few detailed vacation itineraries, too.