Meet Matt Poulter

April 25, 2022

Matt Poulter is definitely the kind of guy you want to have on your team. Despite being a self-professed introvert, conversing with him is like chatting with an old friend – he is engaging, easy-going, and enthusiastic, and makes you feel completely at ease.

Initially, Matt enrolled at the University of Wisconsin – Madison as a pre-business student, following in the footsteps of his parents, both accountants. Realizing business was not his calling, Matt switched up his major in order to explore the world of Civil Engineering. Having always had an interest in construction, his instincts proved correct.

After landing an internship at V3 the summer after his sophomore year, Matt’s interest was piqued when he was assigned the role of Inspector on the Route 30 Reconstruction project. He describes his first experience in the field as “eye-opening and exciting,” so, naturally, when invited back the following summer to work on the same project, he accepted. Slated to graduate in December of 2014, he was asked to return for a third summer internship before his final semester. This time, he would be working on the Elgin O’Hare new interchange at IL RT 390/I-290, a project he describes as “once in a lifetime in terms of scale.”

“Being able to look back on a project and say ‘I was a part of that construction’ – that’s what motivates me. I love new construction. It’s really kind of nerdy, I guess, but I’m interested in ALL projects, even ones I’m not involved in […] I’m curious to know what exactly they are doing, what it will look like in the future, and how it will be an improvement. Improving infrastructure is definitely needed.”

When the summer ended, Matt was offered a full-time position at V3 which he accepted, confident that this was the career for him. Now a Project Engineer, he “enjoys taking on a new challenge with new responsibilities,” but admits that the freedom of flying solo comes with a certain amount of stress. He believes that the ability to adapt, often under pressure, and problem-solve efficiently is key to success. “[For example,] you’re digging for storm sewer, and you come across a gas line that you weren’t expecting to be there. You have to figure out […] what’s the best strategy I can use here to keep this project on track?” It can be daunting, but Matt’s reward is “the satisfaction of a job well done.”

“Like many engineers,” Matt considers himself an introvert. His idea of a perfect Friday night is a relaxing night at home watching a movie with his wife, Julia. Married in 2019, Matt and Julia are enjoying their time together as newlyweds immensely, but do plan to start a family of their own “sooner than later.”

Matt is also a BIG sports guy. Football is his favorite, but he doesn’t stop at the Bears; he is rooting for the Cubs, Blackhawks, Bulls, and of course, his Wisconsin Badgers. When he describes what it was like being in the city of Chicago the night the Cubs (FINALLY) won the world series, his excitement is palpable. It’s as if he is still there, celebrating in front of Wrigley Field amongst the crowds of thousands of fans who waited more than a century to see that World Series “W” flag fly. Introvert tendencies aside, Matt is a guy who knows how to show up for his team, and we are lucky to have him on ours here at V3!