Meet Olivia Speckman

January 24, 2022

Olivia Speckman is a true example of an everyday hero. She is genuine, intelligent, selfless, and kind. She is undeniably devoted to her family, while at the same time fully dedicated to her career and eagerly active in her community. Being a truly humble woman, she would likely balk at the hero title, but her humility only confirms – we need more Olivia Speckmans in this world.

Olivia grew up in Lawrence Township, a northeast suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana. She attended college not too far from home at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Having taken an interest in the Biology program, her studies began in the Zoology and Animal Husbandry realm. After graduation, she landed her first job at INDOT which formulated her ultimate path into Natural Resources and compliance work, then she joined V3 as a Scientist approximately three and a half years ago.

In her role at V3, Olivia works with developers, property owners, and regulatory agencies managing complex permitting projects.  Her favorite part of the process is working with GIS:

“I get to support those reports by bringing that GIS data to life.” Olivia uses her skills in ArcGIS to help clients achieve compliance on their projects and site developments.

Olivia is not only a dedicated member of the V3 team, but is also an eager participant in her community in ways that intersect with her career. She is a Board Member and Treasurer for the Marion County Soil & Water Conservation District as well as a Committee Member with “Reconnecting to our Waterways,” a local collective impact group in Indianapolis that promotes doing just that: connecting local residents to their waterways. Involvement with these groups has given her great leadership experience, which she also cultivates as a member of the Emerging Leaders Program at V3.

After the Covid-19 pandemic took the world by surprise, Olivia and her husband were harboring a much happier surprise to announce to family, friends, and co-workers – they were expecting their very first child!  When asked about her personal philosophy and what motivates her, she pauses thoughtfully then replied:

“I feel like with Covid and everything that has happened in the past few years, it kind of makes you question what is most important in life. Especially having just had a kid, [I have] realized how valuable and precious our time really is. I try to prioritize what is most important.” Olivia elaborates, “It was good to be able to slow down and appreciate every new moment with my daughter. We had very few visitors when [Sloane] was born, but it was nice that it took the pressure off during that transition period.”

It is clear that Olivia’s family, especially with the new addition of their beautiful daughter Sloane, 1, has been the focus of her drive and motivation. Having just purchased their new home in July, Olivia and her husband, Kyle, have been keeping busy with renovations and DIY projects to make their new house really feel like home. They are very much looking forward to starting their own new family traditions as they navigate this big, crazy world together. Here’s to wishing the Speckmans a very prosperous, happy, and healthy new year!